Taken From Us Too Soon

In Memory of Lincoln High

Lincoln touched lives in a way that knocked your socks off.

At his funeral and his vigil, the overall pervading impression of Lincoln was the man:

* Loved life

* Loved people

* Lived life to the fullest and would do anything to make someone smile.

* Lincoln would send out "good morning!" texts every day to his friends.

He would run up to people, introduce himself, and if they were feeling low, say, "I know what would help!", dash off, and return with a SnickerDoodle.

If someone beat him out of a coveted role in any drama club production, he would immediately congratulate the person and say, "you'll do a 'way better job than me."

In short, Lincoln was genuine.

He exuded love for everyone, and everyone couldn't but help to respond.

The world lost a gem of a man on the day Lincoln died...and Heaven gained the most zany angel imaginable.

Rest in peace, Lincoln.

You will *never* be forgotten.

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